Relationship Mediation

Relationship Mediation is for you if your relationship is under strain and communication about issues is difficult. Our informal process assists people to re-open lines of communication calmly and respectfully.

Parenting Plans

Reaching an agreement on how your children will continue to be cared for after separation is the most important job facing parents when ending their intimate relationship with their child’s other parent.

Financial Settlements

A mediator can help to facilitate the process of working out what assets you have and how to reach an agreement in the best interest of any children who will be impacted by your decisions and of course, each of their parents.


At FDR Mediation we get to work as soon as you contact us. Your mediation process can usually begin as soon as you are ready. We understand how stressful being in conflict with someone else is and make sure that Mediation lives up to its promise of being the faster, less expensive, and far less stressful way to resolve disputes within families over children and money. We help with Rebuilding Lives by helping you to resolve disputes and this allows you to rebuild your life quicker and bring normality back into your and your family’s life.


“Just wanted to say thank you for your help with our parenting agreement, it has now been approved by the judge and the court date has been vacated, an excellent outcome, all of this is finally over, fantastic start to the year.” — J. 2018


You can meet with our Mediators Face-2-Face (in and around Brisbane) or by Video Conferencing Mediations Nation Wide. We recommend the use of Video Conferencing as it overcomes many of the issues associated with Face-2-Face mediations, including;

  • Safer (as you are not in the same room or building),
  • Distance is no issue (can be world wide), and
  • more convenient (No travel or parking issues).
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