Who is Mediation Mentoring & Coaching for?

Mediation Mentoring & Coaching is for anyone who wants to build their negotiation skills in preparation for mediation. Especially if:

  • you or the other person is likely to get stressed and emotional during the mediation
  • you find it difficult to make or consider proposals and worry that you will get pushed into a bad decision
  • you or the other person is prone to reactions including extreme behaviour and you want to know how to remain calm
  • you don’t feel that the mediator running your mediation has adequately prepared you

It includes:

  • a live video coaching session (can also be by phone if preferred)
  • a workbook to help you to practice and prepare after the coaching session

Pre-Mediation Coaching provides individualised support to prepare for mediation including help to prepare proposals and practice negotiation skills.

If you want to work with a coach face to face visit our Find a Coach Page and contact them directly

You can book in for additional sessions with your coach if required.

NOTE; Your Mediation Mentoring & Coach CANNOT also be your mediator. You will be assigned a different mediator for mentoring and coaching.

Depending on your needs, Mediation Mentoring & Coaching comes in 1, 3, and 5-hour packages, and more (if required) by arrangement. All CAMS Services are conducted in a one-on-one setting and are held via telephone or by Zoom Video Conferencing (preferred method).

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