Relationship Mediation

Relationship Mediation makes use of mediation techniques to help couples who want to improve their relationship. It’s not marriage counselling which can be a long and some find intrusive process. With mediation you bring your issues to the table, the mediator makes the meeting safe to talk about them openly and also to listen to the issues brought by your spouse or co-parent. 

You both get to understand the issues from each other’s point of view, with no blame or recriminations, just a clear explanation of why the problems are an issue and the impact on you or your relationship partner. Then you participate in a process of considering your options and hopefully decide on a way to resolve the issues that are hurting you both and hurting your relationship. 

If you prefer a more outcomes-based, future-focused process that facilitates respectful communication then Relationship Mediation is for you.

Although we don’t focus on the past we do need to make sure that the process is emotionally and physically safe. Your Relationship Mediation starts with a confidential and individual private meeting with the mediator. This session will help you to identify the issues and allow our qualified mediator to determine if a joint mediation session is appropriate.

Joint mediation sessions are future-focused and designed to transform how you are relating so that you can renovate your relationship. For some couples one session is sufficient. Other couples will schedule a follow-up session to discuss, evaluate and adjust their agreements as needed.

In Relationship Mediation, we assume that there is a problem in the relationship not that you are the problem in the relationship.

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